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Enjoy - Piaggio MP3

Rome, 10 June 2016 – Enjoy has announced the launch in Rome of the free-floating scooter-sharing service, organised in partnership with the Piaggio Group and Trenitalia. So now the Italian capital has joined the age of vehicle sharing. The scheme was presented in the Congress Hall of Palazzo Mattei, attended by the Eni R&M and Chemicals Sales & Marketing Director, Paolo Grossi, the Piaggio Group Strategic Innovation Director, Luca Sacchi, and Ernesto Sicilia from Trenitalia.

Three hundred Piaggio MP3 three-wheel scooters (300LT Business ABS version) will form the fleet made available for Rome’s residents. The vehicles, designed and developed through close cooperation between Eni and the Piaggio Group for the scooter’s specific use in a sharing scheme, guarantee safety, ease of use and simple management of the vehicle: limitation of top speed to 90 km/h, two helmets in the compartment below the saddle, and mono-use hygienic helmet liners.

The MP3 Enjoy scooters may be ridden with an Italian A and B class driving licence (as from the age of 21 for the A and B licences, or an A2 licence as from 21 if the licence was obtained before 19 January 2013), and with foreign licences recognised by the Enjoy service. The new users can register via app or on the enjoy.eni.com website, while existing registered users need only update their profile to enable the new service. In both cases, to complete the procedure, they will be required to complete viewing of a video tutorial, which provides information for correct use of the scooter.

Once the rider has reached destination, the red MP3 scooters can be left in any designated space within the area of 52 km2 in the city centre covered by the scheme, thus increasing vehicle availability in the areas of greatest demand, simplifying movements and parking, and easing traffic flows. Parking is free in the reserved scooter bays inside Rome and in the special areas in the Eni Stations in the city.

Another new development for users in Rome will be the absence of the on-board computer beneath the saddle: for the first time, use of the scooter will be entirely managed by an app: from booking the scooter, to unlocking it by keying in the pin number and through to the end of the rental. This technological update will gradually be extended to all the vehicles in the Enjoy fleet, in all the cities where the service is available (Milan, Turin, Florence and, as from 13 June, Catania).

With the arrival of the three hundred Piaggio MP3 scooters, the Enjoy fleet now has a total of 900 vehicles, including automobiles, to offer an even wider choice of shared sustainable mobility solutions to people in Rome, city users and users with foreign driving licences. To date, two and a half years since the service was launched, Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin together have registered more than 470,000 members and handled 7,700,000 rentals. If assistance is needed, users can call a special free-phone number available on a 24/7 basis: 800.900.505. To find out about new services and other partnerships, and to share photos, suggestions and experiences in real time, go to Enjoy’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. Enjoy the ride!



Catania, 13 June 2016 – Mayor Enzo Bianco announced the arrival in Catania of the Enjoy free-floating vehicle-sharing system developed by ENI in partnership with Fiat, the Piaggio Group and Trenitalia, during a press conference in the Bellini Room in “Palazzo degli Elefanti” (Catania city hall); the conference was attended by Salvatore Sardo (ENI Chief Refining & Marketing and Chemicals Officer), Luca Sacchi (Head of Strategic Innovation at Piaggio Group), Stefano Cesini (Fiat FCA Marketing Officer for the EMEA area) and Ernesto Sicilia of Trenitalia.

Catania is the first city in southern Italy, and the fifth Italian city after Milan, Rome, Florence and Turin to revamp local mobility with the new Enjoy sharing experience, in connection with the public notice issued by the city council to promote new car/scooter-sharing services as a way to reduce the number of private vehicles, ease traffic and improve the quality of life for residents, visitors and people who work in the city. The Enjoy fleet in Catania will consist of 200 vehicles, 170 Fiat 500s and 30 Piaggio MP3 scooters, which riders can leave within the 30 sq. km area covered by the service once they have finished using them.


Video’s English translation. Interviewer: “After Milan, Enjoy is coming to Rome and Catania, putting the Piaggio Mp3 at the service of the users. What does the important Enjoy initiative mean in general terms? And what does it mean for Piaggio in particular?” Luca Sacchi, Head of Strategic Innovation at the Piaggio Group, reply: “Well, generally speaking, Enjoy is a very important and ambitious project for Piaggio, because it's the first project where Piaggio makes a full-scale entry into the services world, of use rather than ownership. This is a new form of mobility, where Piaggio wants to play a leading role. Piaggio is the smartest urban mobility solution, so it fits in particularly well with the sharing concept. The Mp3 scooters are unique vehicles in this sense too, because they offer safety, they provide all the technological features in terms of vehicle dynamics, the three wheels, the ability to absorb surface problems in any weather conditions as well as the ability to be robust vehicles that are very easy to ride, because they are self-balancing. As far as the service itself is concerned, we believe that in future there will be a series of user options not just one, not just for the buyer or for people using the sharing service, there will be many needs, people have needs that lie at the heart of their decisions and mobility, that are the core element of their mobililty decision. So if someone comes into a city by train obviously they will choose a vehicle on a sharing scheme, or someone commuting from farther out from the suburbs, which is often the case for Mp3 customers will use the scooter in this way. For us it's important to be there in all the possible options and so make sure that Piaggio vehicles are an integral part of personal mobility in the widest possible sense, and from that perspective, I think that scooter sharing probably even more than car sharing gives an idea of modernity and is a really new concept. Expansion is inevitable, expansion in Rome, which is an extremely important city for the scooter, where the Mp3 can, in our view, be an excellent product for the type of city where the road surfaces are bumpy, there are many variables in terms of road surface and so on. It would be an extraordinary option, and perhaps people still don't fully grasp its potential. So this is also an excellent way for people who live in Rome to come into contact with this vehicle and see how it can be successful in a city like this. It's very interesting in a city such as Catania because this is expansion in a city that, let's say, does not offer such a wide range of these types of service, so it shifts to become the centre of attention for mobility since it is the first city in Sicily to adopt a vehicle sharing scheme. Here too, we think the Mp3 is a very interesting vehicle given that in southern Italy it does not have the market penetration it could have. We believe that once customers try it out they will be very satisfied with the vehicle. We always have this sort of feedback on the fact that people perhaps don't understand it looking at it but once they start using it, they are very unlikely to change. So from this viewpoint too; and also to offer a really new mobility option we think is extremely intelligent, very forward looking, one that completes the Piaggio offer not just the mobility offer.”